Yes! It’s the NEW Bootcamp Sole F63 Treadmill Review!

If you are looking for an ideal companion to ensure success in your journey to fitness, then the Sole F63 treadmill could be your perfect partner. A middle priced the middle class equipment, the Sole F63 Folding Treadmill is also the right machine for people that would like to run but are limited on a budget. The machine comes with commercial quality and is easily to install in your home. While Sole F63 comes with advantages, it also has its disadvantages.

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Here is a detailed Sole F63 treadmill review of its features, advantages, disadvantages and a final recommendation to know whether this product is worth purchasing or not.

The Sole F63 Treadmill Product Description

The Sole F63 Treadmill is a popular home gym equipment filled with several commercial features, these are features that one rarely gets from other treadmills within the same price range. It is additionally one of the top selling treadmills of the Sole Fitness Company. This is a company that known for building quality treadmills in the market today. Sole makes fitness equipment, for example the Sole F63 treadmill, that perform well and hold up well in different conditions such as rigorous use, for details head over to the treadmill consumer organization:, before you invest also make sure to visit the, and for safety check with

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Applying this same excellence on the Sole F63 treadmill and the result is a high quality machine with a strong build.

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Product Features Specifications From Sole Fitness

  • Sole Fitness F63 Motor: The Sole F63 is quite a decent treadmill that runs on a HP motor. One can therefore get speeds that range from 0.5 mph to 12 miles per hour. With such speeds it is a decent machine for occasional runs, jogging and walking. Its motor is cooled by large heavy duty flywheels, it is also surprisingly quiet. Compared to similar machines with motors of similar horsepower, this motor has a strong build and is likely to last longer.
  • Incline and track length: Like the best treadmills in the market, you can walk or jog with the Sole F63 machine with an incline of 15%. This is standard with most machines, it gives a strenuous and better workout than that done on a flat ground. It has a track length of 20″ wide and 60″ long, these lengths are good enough for a comfortable workout.
  • Design: The Sole F63 has been made with a compact design, its foldable design also saves much on the storage space. Even though it is folded, its horseshoe is quite strong. This model also managed to get rid of the wobble factor common with folding treadmills. In terms of supporting weight, Sole F 63 has been made in a way that it is able to withstand up to 325 pounds.
  • Warranty: Sole Company has been known to be generous with its warranties. The F63 comes with a lifetime warranty on its motor and frame and a three year warranty on the electronics and deck. These lengthy warranty periods show that the company manufactures quality products that will hardly cause any trouble.

One can therefore rely on their products.

F63 Pros

Calorie goal workouts: Sole F63 treadmill incorporates the latest technology to come up with a machine that provides efficient workouts.

One of the installed technology is the Calorie goal workout plan. The treadmill allows you to choose between different calorie workouts. This will be important if you are trying to lose weight and calorie goals are what you need. While any treadmill workout can ensure weight loss, having a machine that is specially designed for calorie workouts will make the losing weight process easier. You can also choose manual workouts if you do not need the calorie workout plan.

Quiet track and motor: This Sole treadmill makes a favorable machine for those that like listening to music during workout. Anyone that has used noisy treadmills knows how disturbing the sound of a loud motor can be. With the Sole F63, noisy treadmills will be your last concern. This is because its track and motor are designed to run quietly.

You can therefore keep your attention on the TV or music and not the treadmill.

Convenient message board instructions: Using treadmills can sometimes be a complicated endeavor. It could even become more annoying when you have to reach for your user manual to constantly learn about certain functions. Sole fixes all these with the Message Board feature. By simply pressing on a button, you will be able to scroll to the instructions menu on the display. This will be especially important to those that are new to treadmills or those that may not know how to use all parts of the machine.

Great controls: the Sole F63 offers great incline controls and incline speeds. One can have access to the controls and the numeric options on the handrail. Such an access makes it easy and convenient to change the speed or incline in the middle of a workout.

Even though this is not a crucial feature with this treadmill, it definitely is something to consider when choosing a treadmill.

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F63 Cons

Sole treadmills (the most popular are Sole F80, F85 and F63) are well performing and therefore not easy to find fault with them. However, like other fitness equipment at the same price, the entry-level model has few features. The more expensive treadmills in this series will have better features of higher weight capacities and more powerful motors. They will also feature more advanced and larger LCD consoles that the Sole F63.

The Sole F63 treadmill also does not have a shock absorption system. Running on this treadmill can therefore be pretty hard on your body. Many treadmills have shock absorption systems built right into their deck to help reduce impact and reduce discomfort during workouts. Unfortunately, this treadmill does not feature a shock absorption system.

This will be quite disadvantageous for people that expect to use their treadmill quite frequently.

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Final Verdict Sole F63 Treadmill Review

Our research indicate that these are among the best cardio machines. With any Sole treadmill, you can be sure to get quality components with your equipment. The Sole F63 comes with various features and benefits that will impress you. It features a combination of durable components at a low price, this is why this treadmill has been popular for many years now. A slightly more expensive alternative worth considering might be the Sole F65 treadmill, this treadmill is about $300 more expensive compared to the F63 model.

Choose the Sole F63 treadmill for light to moderate cardio training and if you are under 325 pounds and would like an pocket friendly and affordable treadmill, send feedback here.